Real Estate and Property

Bharucha & Co’s dedicated team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to meet real estate needs. The firm has the expertise to guide the client through the complexities of property transactions and ensure a smooth and legally sound process.

Our real estate and property law services include:

  1. Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions: The firm specializes in facilitating seamless residential and commercial real estate transactions. From drafting and reviewing contracts to conducting due diligence, we ensure that the client’s interests are protected throughout the buying or selling process.
  2. Title Examination and Insurance: Title issues can pose significant challenges in real estate transactions. The firm’s attorneys conduct thorough title examinations to identify and resolve any potential problems.
  3. Leasing and Property Management: The firm drafts and reviews lease agreements, handles eviction proceedings and provides ongoing legal support for property management concerns.
  4. Real Estate Litigation: In the event of disputes or conflicts, the firm’s litigators are prepared to represent the client’s interests in real estate litigation. From breach of contract to property disputes, the firm has a track record of successfully resolving cases through negotiation, mediation or litigation.
  5. Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts: With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of industry experience, the firm specializes in delivering turnkey solutions tailored to meet the needs of its clients across various sectors. The firm’s integrated approach ensures seamless coordination from initial design to final construction, guaranteeing efficiency, quality, timely project completion and handover to the owner.