Nonprofit Organization (NPO)

Bharucha & Co. is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in fulfilling their missions and navigating the legal landscape that governs their operations.

Bharucha & Co’s experienced attorneys understand the critical role that NPOs play in serving communities and advancing social causes. The firm offers comprehensive legal services tailored to the specific needs of nonprofit organizations, providing strategic guidance and practical solutions to help them thrive in a complex regulatory environment.

Our NPO law services include:

  1. Formation and Governance: The firm assists clients in forming nonprofit organizations and obtaining tax-exempt status. The firm advises on governance structures, board responsibilities as well as forming companies.
  2. Tax Compliance and Reporting: The firm helps nonprofit organizations navigate the complex tax rules and reporting requirements imposed by relevant tax authorities. 
  3. Charitable Solicitation Compliance: The firm advises nonprofit organizations on registration and reporting requirements for fundraising activities. The firm’s attorneys help NPOs understand their obligations under various laws and develop strategies to ensure compliance while maximizing fundraising efforts.
  4. Contracts and Agreements: The firm drafts, reviews, and negotiates a variety of contracts and agreements essential to nonprofit operations, including granting agreements, vendor contracts, and service agreements. The goal is to protect the clients interests and mitigate legal risks in contractual relationships.
  5. Risk Management and Liability Protection: The firm assists NPOs in identifying and managing legal risks, including liability risks associated with their activities and operations. The team develops risk management strategies and advises on insurance coverage, governance practices and other measures to protect NPOs from potential liabilities.